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Well I haven't posted in awhile so I figured I would spew for a bit.
Da man & I went to Florida at the end of April and came back on May 6th. It was a wonderful much needed vacation. The day we flew out my mom had a biopsy done.I was worried but I told myself she would be fine.
I called her the entire time we were gone to ask if she received the results and the answer was no. SHE LIED!! We all know moms will do that.  I was told when I got home that she didn't want to tell me until I got home that she has Uterine cancer. I am still angry about it. Thankfully we are told it is stage one and the best one you can get (i guess). The whole thing should be ok once the she has a hysterectomy on May 29th.
So it gets better. I go into work on Tuesday the 8th and find out I no longer have a job.
After I leave I call my dad and talk to him. The short call went something like this.
Me- Hi
Dad- Are you going to the wake tonight?
Me- Who died?
Dad- Cousin Frank?
Me- Is George going?
Dad- I think so mom has been talking to him.
Next phone call .........
Me -hey
George- hey
Me- you goin to the wake?
George- Who died?
Yes yes our family communicates with the best of them.
On a positive note.......
This past weekend was really nice. I went to help my bro with the Forest folk fest in Oxford.
I finally after hearing so much about her got to meet [profile] ginating.
I really really like her. She is extremely nice and not the nice like I really like this guy and I am meeting his sister nice. There is something genuine about her. She treats my brother well and I finally saw my brother. The brother I know being himself and someone who allows that and doesn't look down upon him for it.(he can be a bit weird at times).
Those who have known me for some time know how hard it is for me to like anyone my brother does. We are and always have been so close and for some reason his past girlfriends and especially his ex-wife(stupid whore) had a problem with that.  I not bitter honest, although I have every right to be.

Well I hope this continues with her because it is nice to finally see my brother happy.
I have seen him happy before but now thinking back it somehow seemed forced. I truly see him happy now and I hope it continues.
Well off to clean the rest of the house and take the new dog for a walk.
Oh yeah we came back from Florida with one Da mans sisters dogs. She is great. I love being a dog mommy. I will post pics later of Ginger.


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